Open Source

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Open Source Contributing with Brian Douglas

The open source coding philosophy has enormous appeal to many software engineers, and with good reason. Open source libraries, applications, and operating systems are now essential to

Temporal with Max Fateev

There are countless real world scenarios where a workflow or process has multiple steps, and some steps must be completed before others can be started. Think of something as simple as

Building and the Future of Developer Productivity with Tsavo Knott

Ongoing advances in generative AI are already having a huge impact on developer productivity. Tools like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT are increasing the velocity of code development, and

Simplifying Documentation with SĂ©bastien Lorber

In the realm of modern software development, clear and comprehensive documentation is essential for guiding users and contributors alike. Developers often struggle to create, manage, and

Cloud-native Authorization with Tim Hinrichs

Enabling authorization policies across disparate cloud-native environments such as containers, microservices and modern application delivery infrastructure is complex and can be a