Software Engineering Daily is a trusted source for technical software content. If you like to write about software, consider becoming a writer for Software Engineering Daily.

We welcome a wide variety of voices. You do not need to be a software engineer. You do not need to be an experienced journalist. Anyone can submit a story idea.

We are looking for exclusive written contentThese pieces will be featured at the top of our page. 1-2 times a week, we will bring a writer of an exclusive piece on the show to discuss their work. We offer paid opportunities for strong writers. Payment amount depends on the quality and experience of the writer. Freelance and long-term writing opportunities are both available.

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Written content for Software Engineering Daily follows 8 principles:

  • Related to software. We explain how software is built. We explain how software has gotten us to where we are, and how new software will shape our future.
  • Evergreen content. Our material is durable. We are not about transient industry gossip.
  • Context over news. We provide frameworks for understanding things. When we write news, it should be something you would want to read in a history book 50 years in the future.
  • Mature and approachable. We take ourselves seriously. We welcome all kinds of readers.
  • Uses simple language. Technical concepts are difficult enough. This is not a publication where we use long words and elaborate language. Your content should be readable by a young, international audience.
  • Has many good sources. Your content should have plenty of links in it, and the links should be worth clicking.
  • Attention to style and voice. This includes font size and italicization/bold, lists, and spacing.
  • Visuals are required. Writers are encouraged to create their own diagrams, sketches, and gifs. At a minimum, pasting in Google Images will keep the attention of the reader. Visuals are important! Ask us if you would like help getting a custom illustration from a professional digital artist.

Topics we focus on include distributed systems, startup engineering, programming languages, cryptoeconomics, databases, financial technology, security, hiring, and management.

But we aren’t only about software engineering. We are as much about software engineering as The Economist is about economics.

Software engineering has downstream effects on politics, farming, dating, space travel, existentialism, basketball, food criticism, and other areas. We would love to explore some of these topics in more depth.

Interested? Send us an email. write@softwareengineeringdaily.com